The Client Relations Department is dedicated to handle any requests and concerns of existing RAKIA clients. Our Client Relations professionals are committed to assist all of our clients in matters related to Trade Licence and Lease renewals, Government Services, Business Centre Services, and much more..

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Rules and Regulation

RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) prioritizes on the comfort and safety of its valued clients. In order to provide an excellent opportunity for clients to enjoy the benefits of living and conducting ethical business in the UAE, RAKIA urges clients to observe the rules and regulations at all times. If you wish to know more about RAKIA’s rules & regulations, please contact us
Click here to download the Violations Code PDF

Flexi Facility Usage Terms and Conditions

Click here to download the Terms and Conditions for Micro Business.
Click here to download the Terms and Conditions for Small Business.
Click here to download the Terms and Conditions for Startup Business.

Strategic Banking Partners

To facilitate for its’ industrial clientele to set up and expand their operations in the region and to provide for all financial requirements of such investors, RAKIA brings on board its recognised banking partners.

  • HSBC
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Commercial Bank International
  • Commercial Bank of Dubai

Customs Services Provided in The Free Zone

Click here for a downloadable Manual on Customs Services provided in the free zones & Frequently Asked Questions .


Government Authorities

RAK Police 999
RAK Civil Defense 997
RAK Ambulance 998
RAK Traffic +971 7 2356666
RAK Municipality +971 7 2332422
RAK Immigration +971 7 2284240
RAK Chamber of Commerce +971 7 226 0112
RAK Customs +971 7 233 3733
RAK Naturalisation and Residency Dept. +971 7 2273333
Labour issues 800-665
Emirates ID 600 530003


Saqr Hospital +971 7 2223666
RAK Hospital +971 7 2225555
Al Zahrawi Hospital +971 7 2288544 / +971 7 2288141
Obaid Allah Hospital +971 7 2223555
Al Oraibi Hospital +9717 2288511

Utility Providers

Fedral Electricity and Water Authority Electricity - +971 7 2287766
Etisalat +971 7 2281111

Transportion Providers

Al Hamra Taxi and Bus Transport 8001700
RAK Airport +971 7 2075200 or +971 7 2448111
Al Jeer Port +9717 2682333
Al Jazeera Port +971 7 2446627 * 202
RAK Khor Port +971 7 2288230
Saqr Port +971 7 2668444